Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Happy Memorial Day Weekend y’all!

Tigra and Bunny like the BOOM

A little You Tube break for your Friday.  We’ve been working our buns off all week, and this jam put some boom in our bounce and some bounce to our step.  Jessie and Melissa might have their Halloween costumes picked out.  Boom!

It’s that time again!

Ok, dear loyal fans…you made us the best of 2010.  Let’s do it again in 2011!  Vote Artichokes & Pomegranates as the Best Local Florist!  Click here to cast your vote, you’ll find us in the “Services” category.

Thank you all!

“Hours of Creative Fun”

We had a blast creating these elegant and lush centerpieces for a 40th birthday party.  We used Hydrangeas, Polo Roses, the most beautiful white Anemones with black centers, fragrant Freesia, and Dendrobium Orchids.  Yummmy!

But, the most fun part was making the centerpieces for the kiddos!  We created sophisticated arrangements of Hydrangeas, Freesia, Roses and Crespedia but stuck in a few plastic critters.  The package of dinosaurs wasn’t lying when it said, “Hours of Creative Fun!” These Dino-Terrariums has us all giggling like 5 year olds!


Oh hello, aren’t you lovely.

Stripey Ranunculus, booya.